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Peggy2 and Pixy CMUcam5

edited June 2014 in LED Matrix Kits
I'd like to start a discussion with anyone able to talk me through ways of connecting a Pixy CMUcam5 to an RGBW Peggy2 board. As a starting point so the Peggy displays (roughly) the color that the Pixy is detecting. I'm guessing this is possible however I don't have the coding skills necessary to pull off such a marvelous thing.
Anyone care to help?
Thanks :)


  • There are quite a few possible ways to approach this. The Pixy site has info about some of the ways:

    The Peggy 2 is an Arduino-compatible board, and you can hook the two of them up in different ways.  The default method-- using the 6-pin SPI port -- is not actually suitable because the Peggy 2 uses SPI output to control the LED matrix.  However, you can use either the I2C or (best of all) the UART option.  Use the "SER" jumper option when building the Peggy 2, and the Peggy2serial library for controlling it.
  • Thanks Windell! I will take take your advice and investigate the I2C and UART options.
    Regarding the "SER" jumper option, wasn't this was one of the improvements added to the 2.3 Board revision? I am working with a 2.2 Peggy Board so I don't have the SER JP 1 / JP 2 section above the Prototype area on my board as outlined at step 6 of the manual.
    Is there another work around for the 2.2 board to enable Peggy2serial library and use UART, or can I still use I2C without the SER jumper option?
    Thanks again!
  • You can still use I2C; that's probably the best path forward.
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