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0.9 degree motors

edited July 2014 in Egg-Bot
I just bought an eibotboard and made the rest  of the eggbot myself. Turns out the motors I have are 0.9 degree steppers instead of 1.8, so everything i was plotting was coming out half height and only 180 degrees around. Got around that by doubling my drawing size to 1600 x 6400

this works for simple stuff but some multilayer stuff is printing the layers 180 degrees out of alingment with each other.

Is there anything I can change in the extensions code to compensate for this or am I going to have to source 1.8 degree motors ?



  • Hi Glen,
    Open up the "" file (in your Inkscape extensions) and find the line of code that says:
    self.step_scaling_factor = 1

    Change that 1 to a 0.5, and you should be good to go.
  • Briliant, thanks for such a quick response.

    i'll give that a go this evening




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