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Update Software

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I am using an iMac running OSX 10.6.8. I do not think I can update the operating system.
I am using X11 2.7.5   I could update to 2.7.7.
I am using the inkscape app 0.48.2

My questions are these:

1. What if any are my update possibilities that will not prevent me from using my many egg designs that I have saved.
2. Is there anything that will be able to stop a drawing mid program? When I bought my eggbot a few years ago the directions said that I could only do that by unplugging the unit. It also (I think) said the problem would be addressed in the future.


  • Hi Robert,
    If you have saved the files as Inkscape SVG files, then you should not have any compatibility issues.  

    There is a slightly newer Inkscape version, 0.48.5, but there are not any real "critical" reasons to update. If what you have is working, you can stay there as well.  

    The current version of the Inkscape extensions for EggBot is 2.3.4, dated 8/11/2013.  

    Now, as far as stopping the drawing mid-program, our directions have *never* stated that you could only do it by unplugging the unit. While that will halt a plot, it cannot be resumed when you do it that way, and it's pretty rough on the hardware.  We do not recommend stopping a plot that way.  When you asked us this same question a couple of years ago, here was our reply, which is still what we would say today:

    To stop a plot "gracefully" -- at the end of the current or next line that it is drawing -- press the "PRG" button on the EBB circuit board. 

      If you have stopped it this way, you can then use the "Resume" tab in Eggbot Control to resume your plot, or to instead cancel and return the pen to your initial position. There's more information about that here:

      I'd also like you to know that this information is up on our documentation site, as part of the "Making Your First Plot" information:

     If you need to stop a plot immediately, you can also press the other button on the EBB (the "RST" or "reset" button), or unplug the Eggbot from power.  However if you do so, the position control will be lost, and it is not possible to resume a plot.

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