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The Ultimate Alpha Clock Five project

edited September 2014 in Clock Kits
Hello Everyone!

After my latest success with my marriage proposal with the AC5, I'm thinking of going deep into both the library and the code to customize it and make it the one clock for (almost) everything. So far, all I've learned to do is change the text and the default font styles in the library. Here is what I'm looking to do:

1. Add a temperature sensor (such as the popular DS18B20) and a menu option to display it

2. Add a clock style option so that hours, minutes and seconds are on one display (of course, I would have to make a special condition for 10,11, & 12 so it would fit)

3. Possibly add the seconds spinner in the seconds option so that both seconds and the spinner are shown

4. Remove the fade in and out of the numbers. I still want to keep the brightness control, though.

5. Maybe an option for Upper and Lower case letters. I know I have to go the library for this, but may not be feasible. Not really a priority, though. :)

I thought about a GPS or a WWV receiver for it, but ultimately decided against it. The clock keeps reasonable time as it is.

I know that this may be a lot, but I don't plan on doing it in one sitting. Nor am I asking you guys to do this for me (I would never do that.. that's just lazy) However, I do need some ideas on where to start (and what would be easiest to do first.) I've looked at both the .ino and .cpp files, and I have a general idea on what's going on in there, but clueless as what to do next. Granted, I was able to change a few items (such as add values to the night light option) but that's about it. I haven't done any C programming since I took the class back in 2000 and the closest thing I know is BASIC (tells you how old I am, lol)

Thanks! ~Chuck
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