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Fill space between 2 circles inside eachother...

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Hi, can somebody explain me a is the situation:
I can fill 'normal' objects like circles or triangles with Hatches (rough)and then with the preset Hatch for fills (I'm trying to fill something with Hatches)
So that's not the problem but if I have a big circle and I place a second circle inside that one...and I ONLY want to fill the area BETWEEN those circles with do I do that?

I hope that somebody can help me :)

Here is what I mean, marked in RED is the specific area that I want to fill with Hatches(Rough) and then with preset hatches for Eggbot


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  • The Hatches (rough) fill does not automatically work on hollow regions.  We have some workarounds documented on our wiki, as well as some other fill methods that work on hollow regions.

    In practice, we usually either use the the "tiny cut" method, or the Hatch Fill extension.
  • I just don't get the 'tiny cut' method. If I have 2 circles and I want to substract a rectangle I have to select three shapes? (2 circles and a rectangle). I'm missing something :)
  • First, begin with the shape that you want to draw (the annulus). 
    Duplicate the shape, so that you have a copy of it that can be used to draw the two circles.
    Draw a very thin rectangle that cuts overlaps both the inside of the shape and the outside of the shape. (Look at the picture in the docs; where the thin rectangle is drawn.)
    Subtract that rectangle from one of your annuli, and apply the hatches to the resulting shape.
  • Got it yeah thanks.
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