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enable motors - servo jumping

edited November 2014 in Egg-Bot
hi there,

just finished building an eggbot kit and wanted to give it a try on the old laptop (still running XP) here in my hobby room.. looked like everything installed fine, but it seems something's not quite right. if i enable the motors the pen-servo starts jumping quite erratically.

i shot a video, but it's taking quite a while uploading from here, will post the link to it when i arrive home. but maybe someone knows about this kind of issues..



  • here's the video:
  • It seems most likely that there is an internal error within the servo motor itself. Please contact customer service and we can send you a replacement.
  • being an rc-flyer i'm having multiple of those servos lying around.. just tried one - but as suspected - it's the same with that.

    would have surprised me anyways - since the manual "pen up" and "pen down" work fine, it's the "enable motors" which makes the servo show this erratic behaviour.

    i'd actually suspect the controllerboard, visually it looks ok, but with those smd bugs one can't tell for sure of course..

    anything else i could try myself?
  • The "enable motors" command doesn't actually do anything to the servo, it just turns on power to the steppers. That suggests that it could be a power supply problem or (yes) some other problem on the EBB.  Are you using the original power supply?

  • yes, original power-supply, but with adaptor for european 230V (which shouldn't make a difference..)

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