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bulbdial B&W ring1

edited November 2014 in Clock Kits
dear support, i have finish the first ring and i try to test hit.

when try to circle test one by one led i have two abnormal situation:

- when the cursor is in the D31 position are power on the D31 led and D13;
- when the cursor is in the D12 position are power on the D23, D43, D53, D63 and D14.

All the other led test position work normally.

Where is the problem ?

Thank you and sorry for my english...

Ug from Italy


  • Check your LEDs to make sure that they are all facing the same direction. It is likely that D13 is backwards.

    Once you fix that, check to see which LEDs are lit when D12 is supposed to be on.  Check carefully to see if there are any solder joints that are not solid, at *any* of those LEDs that you've listed. Also check to be sure that there are not any unintended connections between the LEDs, or (for example) the resistors that lead to them.
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