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Mega Menorah 9000 is great!

I'm surprised that nobody has been asking questions about this yet. I just put mine together, it went together great and works great. I love it! 

I have two quick questions-

You're supposed to be able to press and hold the "night" button to put it to sleep. That doesn't seem to work for me. I press and hold it, and the lights go off, but when I let go they come back on, on the same night. Am I doing it right?

The original mini menorah had a "demo" mode. I see demo mode mentioned in the code, but the comment // If button is pressed at turn-on, enable "demo mode" doesn't seem to lead anywhere. How do I do this?


  • Awesome-- glad to hear that you like it. :D

    For the sleep mode, hold the Night button just until the LEDs begin to dim, and then let go.  The LEDs should continue to dim, until off. When you press the Night button again, they'll come back up (on the same night).  

    And yes, we left the demo mode in the code. Only, now, it's the secret, undocumented demo mode. ;) Hold down the Night button at reset time, and then let go. 
  • All right, got both of those working. They're both pretty temperamental, you gotta get the timing just right. 

    I like the Demo mode, it's very festive. Along with random colors and flickering!
  • Turns out it's much easier to put in sleep mode if it's in solid color, bright, and flickering. As soon as it stops flickering, release the button and it fades out to off.

    Low brightness, random colors, in demo mode, it's really hard to tell when it starts to fade out.
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