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Pen up/down backwards

edited December 2014 in Egg-Bot
Just got my new Eggbot Deluxe up and running but pen up and pen down are backwards. When I tell it to raise the pen, it lowers it and when I tell it to lower it, it raises.  I've tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in as well as double checking the servo is connected the way it is shown in the instructions.  Is there a configuration option somewhere I'm missing?

Also, I sent a message with the contact form with some trouble with my precision holder but I haven't received a response yet.


  • Hi Ted,
    I believe that in the EggBot settings, you can configure either the "Pen up" or "Pen down" position to be the larger number, so I think that you should be in good shape as soon as you adjust those values. Also, is there a chance that you put the pen arm together in the "mirror image" configuration?

    We did receive your message about the coupler, and we have not made it through today's e-mail yet. 
  • Reversing the numbers did the trick, thanks a lot!  Servo orientation is identical to the assembly manual.  I just didn't think flipping them would work but servo != stepper, which I forgot.

    Thanks for letting me know you received that, I didn't get any kind of confirmation when I submitted the form.
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