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Bulbdial pc synchronization problem

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Having a problem synchronizing my bulbdial clock to my pC using the USB-serial interface. I have had my clock for a couple of years now and decided to add the RTC so as to keep the time after power failures. Installed the RTC and all looks good so far, once power is removed and reinstalled the clock reads the current time value from the RTC, however this time has not been set yet. downloaded the Processing and date time library with the "setArduinoClock.pde" and attempted to use to set the current date/time in the bulbdial. When I initially connect to the clock it resets, which seems to be the norm that people experience. Not to concerned about the reset as I just need to set the RTC and let it go. however executing the program doesn't seem to alter the time on the clock. the only thing that I haven't attempted to do is reflash the clock. I assumed that the firmware in the clock when purchased had a correct firmware to allow synchronization of the clock via serial pC port. anyone have any ideas or know if the firmware indeed needs to be flashed to support the pc sync?


  • The PC sync is supposed to be supported "out of the box" (without reflashing the Bulbdial). I have not tried this in a while, and it is possible that something has changed in the libraries. It is more likely that you're simply not connecting for some other reason. If you're on Windows or have other serial devices connected, you might try other serial ports within the program, to see if you can connect.  
  • Thanks for the reply, I can confirm that the com port im using is correct, I see the tx/rx led's illuminating when I try to send data. the Process sketch seems to be using a baud rate of 9600, I've tried changing that to 14400 and 115200 with no luck. not sure what the actual baud rate is for the clock.
  • Alright, after perusing the Bulbdial code again, I see where the clocks serial port is setup at 19200 baud and the time header needs to be a byte equivalent to 255 (FF). the current sample Process Sketch has the baud set at 9600 and is sending a time header of "T". after modifiying the sketch a little it know syncs up to the bulbdial.

    I've uploaded the modified Process sketch to use to send the time to the bulbdial clock. hope this helps other.
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