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running eggbot out of InkscapePortable (USB based app)

edited December 2014 in Egg-Bot
I was so happy running my eggbot off a macbook but all good things have to end.

I can borrow my son's windows PC but he's learnt from his old dad about physical machine security so he's making me run inkscape on a thumb drive. 

I have got the eggbot extensions into place in the thumb drive but I'm not getting action from eggbot control ( penup/pendown, no response, alert says 'eggbot working' but like no action)

My guess is how to place the USB drivers so they can be local to the thumb drive based app ? but I am sooo ignorant about windows 


  • We don't have any experience with Inkscape Portable, but I'll see what I can find out. 

    How and where did you install the EggBot extensions? 

    Did you install the USB driver for the EggBot (EBB / UBW driver) as well?

    Are other extensions working properly?

    Are the EggBot extensions that do not communicate with the EggBot working correctly, e.g., Preset Hatch for Fills or Stretch?
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