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Pen Servo dosen't work

edited January 2015 in Egg-Bot
my name is Lothar and I live in Germany. I just get the Egg-Bot Deluxe Edition today via Wattergott.
Everything works fine, but the Pen Servo doesn't work. I tried a different servo, but also no reaction.
What to do?


  • Make sure that you're using the lowest 3 pins, and that you have the brown wire towards the outside. If it's still not working, please contact our store directly by e-mail or the contact form.
  • Problem solved. 
    After removing the EBB Board from the Egg-Bot I found a bad 'cold' soldering joint on the GND servo connecting pin to the EBB.
    Redone the soldering and everything works fine.

    Love the Egg-Bot, real fun :-)
  • I'm *so sorry* about the problem on the board, and *so glad* that you were able to get it working.

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