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Need help with Eggbot Graphic

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HI, So I got an Eggbot Pro for Christmas, and have had a blast printing other peoples creations, so I thought would try my own.I put this together in Inscape, and have questions. 

Here's what I got. 

First off, why is it still stretched so much after stretching the width of the image 150.00%?

I thought that if the image spilled over the edges of the document it would stop printing at the ends, but it does seem to print the over hanging image. How does one fix this?

One more thing. my Eggbot Pro Is brand new, and I downloaded what I thought was all current software, but I don't see "Check Motor Voltage " option in the Manual tab.


  • Regarding stretching: eggs are not uniform, and 150% is a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule. However, you may have your pen motor a little lower than it should be. The tapering at the tips may also increase the impression of it being squished. You could try raising your pen motor a bit and possibly stretching it by a few more percent.

    Regarding printing off the edge of the page: the EggBot does not know there is an edge of the page, and you can use that to your advantage to make designs mesh well at the edges or to have continuous lines going around the egg multiple times. 

    The current version of the Inkscape extension is v. 2.4.0 dated 12/15/2015. There hasn't ever been a "Check Motor Voltage" option.
  • I'm not sure what your artwork looked like in the "before stretching" state, but if it was the same height, and 3200 pixels wide (the width of the template), then it should end up at 4800 pixels wide -- 1.5 X the width of the template -- if it were stretched to 150% of the original width. I'm guessing from the screenshot that you've only stretched it to about ~3600 pixels wide, or ~112% of the original width.  That's not typically enough to compensate for the aspect ratio of a chicken egg.

  • Can you please say what version you are using? It should be listed under the "*" tab of EggBot Control.
  • EggBot Control Extension 2.3.4.
    EEB Version_and Above_EB Firmware Version 2.0.1
  • Also, if that's not your screenshot, where did it come from?
  • The current version is 2.4.0, and I'd suggest that you upgrade to it. You can download the installer here:
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    Quote; Also, if that's not your screenshot, where did it come from?

    The screenshot is from my "addition" to the eggbot extension. My version can be found in this thread.
    I don't recommend users to "upgrade" to the version(s) found in that thread as the changes in 2.4.0 is NOT included.
    I have however "patched" 2.4.0 to incorporate the "read motor voltage" - it runs fine on my system - I can upload if any interest.

    I was sort of "disappointed" ;-) that my "read motor voltage" addition was not included in the last 2.4.0 eggbot extension. ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • Hi Ragstian,
    Yes, figured out where that came from pretty quickly. ;)

    For better or worse, this feature won't work on most EBBs because of the firmware version... Once we begin to ship EBBs that do have this feature supported, we will add something like this. Our original goal was actually to automatically check the motor voltage every time that a command was sent, to let the user know that it wasn't plugged in. Adding a manual check is also (obviously) possible, but isn't quite as important.

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    Quote; Yes, figured out where that came from pretty quickly. ;)
    Is that good or bad?

    The motor voltage check can still be implemented by checking for the appropriate firmware version first. I have tested it - it works.

    Manual check NOT important? I disagree!

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