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New EggBot Error Lights and Reverse directional on arm

edited January 2015 in Egg-Bot
I just finished putting together the EggBot. I was so excited to get it plugged in.
Initially, I was able to lower the arm. I tried starting the motors. Motor 1 started to run, but did not move. Motor 2 was unresponsive. The dir1 and dir2 red lights came on when I tried starting the motors. After that I tried raising the arm. Instead of raising it remained in place. I tried lowering it, which raised it. Then, I tried the raise the arm command, which lowered it. At the start the direction it moved it was correct. Could you advise?
Thank you!


  • If none of the motors are working, the most likely situation is that the power supply is not plugged in or connected correctly.  Check that it is. You should still have lights visible on the EBB, even after you unplug the USB cable.

    If the servo motor's "up" position is lower than the "down" position, try swapping the two numbers that you have in the Setup tab, so that the "up" value is now lower than the "down" value. Either number may be larger.

    For the stepper motors: I'm not sure exactly what you're describing. Are the motors "energized" when you try to move them? That is, do they resisting turning by hand at all? One thing that you can try as a test is to do is remove all of the wires, and swap them, so that the motor 1 connections now drives motor 2 and vice versa. If you do that, are you still unresponsive?
  • Hi Windell,
    Thanks for the tip on the arm.
    I was thinking motor1 was engergized, but it was just the arm servo causing it to vibrate. At this point, neither motor is responsive. I did flip the wires (motor 1 is now where motor 2 wires went and 2 in the place of 1). There is still no response.
  • You may need a replacement EBB, then. Please contact us by e-mail, or via our contact form, to set up an exchange.
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