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Eggbot and Processing on windows

edited January 2015 in General
Eggbot Original v2 - connected fine to Windows 7, Inkscape plugins working well.

Trying to adapt Dave Bliss' Processing code to control Eggbot via Processing
-having problems connecting to the serial port.

Maybe it's a problem w/ the Processing Serial Library (ControlP5) (using latest version of that and v2.2.1 of Processing) but I think it may be in the sketch code that is using Mac/*nix port language and I need some suggestions for translating that to Windows.

the code does this:
// TODO: find and open the serial port
      String[] ports = Serial.list();
      for (int i = 0; i < ports.length; i = i+1){
        if (ports[i].indexOf("/dev/tty.usbmodem")==0){
          // this is an arduino port
          println("connecting to: "+ports[i]);
          controller = new Serial(parent, ports[i], 9600);
and I think that the "/dev/tty" etc... part is not working for Windows - the Eggbot is happily connected to COM7 with the Location 0 (Port_#0002.Hub_#0001)

Any suggestions on how to describe the serial port for this sketch would be much appreciated. Also if there's a more appropriate forum that you've found please point the way.


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