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Connecting 3dcv and 1.5 dcv to a single switch

I am starting a project which uses ELwire powered by 1.5 AA battery and LEDs powered by a 3v button battery. I would like to use a single switch to turn everything on. The switch for the ELwire is a 3 position On Steady>Off>Blinking. I would like to keep this functionality for the EL wire, but not have the LEDs blink in third position. This may be a simple answer, but as of now I have only worked with a single power supply for all components in a project.

Please help me raise my level of knowledge to be able to do this.


  • If you wanted to just turn on both, with their own separate power supplies, with a single switch, you could just use a regular DPST -- double pole, single throw -- switch. But if you also want to preserve the separate 3-position switch on the EL wire, you'll need separate switch for that.
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