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BulbDial Chronodot AWOL

edited February 2015 in Clock Kits
Built an RGB Bulbdial last week. The kit came together nicely.  One problem.  The Chronodot module furnished by Hackaday seems to have no effect whatever.  Battery which came with Chronodot was on the decrepit side, measuring 2.66 (of nominal 3) volts.  Put new one into module but no change.  Is there a jumper unjumped? Or some other installation quirk I missed in the ream of instructions?  When working, is the Chronodot supposed to read the last set time on the BulbDial, storing same for next power-up?


  • I'm sorry to hear about the bad battery. The Chronodot is supposed to remember the time set on the Bulbdial automatically, so that you don't have to set it again after unplugging it momentarily. 

    Make sure that:
    - The Chronodot is oriented the correct way
    - The Chronodot is installed at power-on time.  The initial check to see if it is present is only conducted at turn-on time.
    - The soldering on the headers is good
    - The soldering at pins 27 and 28 of the chip, the two pins closest to C6
    - There are no stray connections on the back of the board in that area

    You may also want to check the voltages on the Chronodot pins, and make sure (with power off and chronodot battery out) that there are no accidental zero-resistance paths between the chronodot pins and ground.
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