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Auto Start, stop, reverse motor for Greenhouse shade cloth

Hello everyone. My name is JB and I found the forum while searching the internet for a remedy to my problem. I found a thread here that was basicly the same question I have, but it was never finished or answered. I tried to post this via My phone, but I couldnt get the site to cooperate. So with that said I will try to explain and if pictures are needed I will attempt to attach.

What I am trying to accomplish is a thermastat controlled Greenhouse shade cloth. I do not have any components for the build so a change of plans if a better cheeper one comes along. My goal in inexpencive but functional.

The Thermastat has a SPDT switch activated by a temp control dial and capable of handling 110v AC current so I assume it coule also handle 12v DC. The mechanism itself is analog. I would prefer to stay with an anoalog relay system, but not totally apposed to a micro controler. I want to use one motor (AC or DC I dont have a preference other than cost) The shade cloth I assume would need to be run on tracks or cables to suspend off the GH plastic. I would like to have two pieces of shade cloth to come up from the two sides if the GH and meet at the peak. I was thinking a single 16' shaft from front to back of the greenhouse that would have the cables attached that would spin winding cables to pull the GH plastic up to the top. Then when it retracts the motor turns in reverse and the shade falls back down to the bottom. the issue I have is getting the mottor to stop in the full shade and full sun positions without the motor buring up.

I am open to any ideas

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