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Advice on PCB manufacturing

I've been working for a long time on a 4 bit computer built out of Relays. Currently I'm working on the ALU and so far I've come up with a functional (gate based) design, a full schematic and a full PCB layout (the latter 2 items done with kicad). This is my first foray into PCB design/manufacturing. 

I'm going to be releasing all the plans and design as open source so people can have them.

I'm writing here today for a couple of reasons :

1) I love the PCB's that you guys put out and I'm wondering if you could tell me who makes them for you?
2) I am going to need 4 boards (one for each bit) made and I want to get them right the first time so I was looking for advice on how to make sure they are correct. Is there a community that could help with this? Would anyone here like to look over them?
3) I was thinking of making a kit (with the board and parts) and was wondering if you guys wanted to do it instead. As I said, I'm releasing everything for free so I don't want any money for it. Just thought this could be something you would be interested in.
4) I have a couple specific questions about PCB manufacturing (how the silkscreen works, etc.) and was wondering if anyone could help answer them.

Thanks in advance!

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