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Replacement Kistka Lift Arm

edited March 2015 in Egg-Bot
I'm installing the electric kistka lift are (it replaces the pen arm).
The pen arm had a solid bottom.
The kistka pen arm has a short "L" shaped block.
The servo that lifts the kistka pen arm misses the wood block or at best runs precariously along it's edge.
Is there something that I'm missing here or perhaps the holes drilled in my pen holding mechanisms drilled slightly off?


  • Which EggBot version are you using?
  • Good Question Windell. Its a few years old, white with original egg bot on side came with plastic knobs and sandpaper egg holder that I upgraded to brass and clear plastic things.

    There are two pictures of the new kistka holder / lift arm and the location of the lift arm servo that I can't tell if it should be hitting the plastic base of the lift arm or the wood step next to it. It rides precariously on the edge sometimes.

    The pen arm that it replaced was flat and uniform throughout.

    It looks just like the partially obscured situation in the kistka instruction on the web site but I can't see how it's resolved.

    You can see the situation in the picture of the new kistka holder and the picture of the old and new lift arms side by side at this drop box folder

    your help appreciated!
  • Yup, that sure looks like it misses!  The wood is bit far to the left, and the servo horn is bend the other way a little bit.

    If you very slightly loosen the two phillips-head screws on the top, you may be able to move the wooden piece over so that it makes a clean contact. Could you give that a try?
  • I was assumed it was glued in but if it's just screwed I can give that a try.
    I also thought about carving out a small piece with a tiny channel routed in it for the wire strap to make the wood block go straight across.  Alternatively, I could bush out the servo so it hits the plastic instead and misses the wood entirely.

    The thing that confused me is that the picture of the kistka in the page on egg-bot shows the lift arm precariously close to the edge of the wood block. Mine does seem to be warped out a tiny bit (probably through usage.

    I'll give it a try.

    At least I have some outside reassurance I'm not doing something wrong.

    Thanks Windell, I noticed that you really stay on top of the questions on the forum. Not even Apple does that. I see postings from dozens of users on the Apple forum with nary a comment from any Apple Reps.

  • If you can't fix it with a screwdriver, then we can send you a new wooden block to go there. You could also glue a piece of wider wood (or metal, maybe a coin?) there to bridge the gap.

    (And, thanks for noticing!)
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