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Unable to find an Eggbot on any serial port. :(

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I'm new here so i hope i'm in the right place.
I'm using a iMac with os 10.9 and Inkscape with the extensions.

I can't connect to the Eggbot board and there is no blinking lights ?
i have the following message : "Unable to find an Eggbot on any serial port. :("
And when i connected the power supply the servo moved up, nothing more.

Is any one can help ?

Thank you


PS : I'm not good at the use of the terminal (i just did an ls / dev ) but don't understand more.


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    First, always try a second time when you get that message.

    Things almost always "just work" on the mac, so if they don't (by the second try) it's probably a hardware problem. 

     Try connecting just the EBB to your computer, without the power supply. Do any lights come on?

    Next, check for communication (you can still leave the power supply off). Use the "Manual" tab in EggBot Control, and select from the menu "Check EBB Version." This will let you test the connection a little faster. 

    If you can't get a connection, try a different USB cable if you have one, and try a different USB port on your computer if you have one. If you have access to another computer, you might try that as well. If it's not working we'll need to replace your EBB-- please contact customer service directly.
  • Also: I saw that you tried to post this message to the user group as well. I did not forward it to the group since I've already followed up here.
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