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Urgent Help needed on Printing the hatch Lines Filling

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I just started my EggBot experience and am still struggling.
I wanted to print a pixeled B/W-Picture imported it in inkscape, did the path from bitmap rendering and then
did the eggbot hatch fill.
Now my Questions, is it possible to just print the hatchling-filling, without the outline paths.
Its because the hatchlines will work perfectly to my needs, adding the outline path is to much outlining.

thx for your help


  • Without seeing your file, I cant say for sure if this will work...  but I usually create two separate layers (one for the outline, then one for the hatch).  I find it easier to label the layers with a number i.e. 1 for plot and 2 for guide (do not plot).  When you plot, select the layers tab from the eggbot control menu and enter only the layer you want to print (in this case, the hatch layer) and the eggbot should only plot the data stored in that layer.    As an alternative method, once the hatch is created, I think you could delete the outline altogether, although I usually like to keep mine in a different layer just in case I want to modify something later.  Hope these sketchy details help, and have fun working with the eggbot.
  • mlowe.115 is correct: you can just delete the outline after adding the hatch fill.

    After performing the hatch fill on an object, the new fill is grouped with the original (outline) object, so you'll need to ungroup them in order to delete the outline.

    After ungrouping, if you are unable to select the original (outline) object because the fill is in front, you can click on the "hatch" object and select from the Object menu "Lower" to bring the outline forward.
  • Okay,
    thx for your help I will try it that way.

    All the best and happy easter holidays.
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