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Electrical wiring diagram question

I am really rusty on my electrical, and was wondering if someone can draw me a diagram.
I need to wire up the candle flicker leds (off this site) in series and parallel.
It needs to go as follows(all off the same power supply and switch):
1 - 10mm white(30mA-2.7v) by itself.
1 - 5mm red(25mA-1.95v) and 3 - 3mm red(30mA-1.95v) in series.
Im not to sure what to use for a power supply.  I would love to use batteries, but I tried with a 9v and it didn't work properly with the resistors i had.  So a 120v step down power supply will do, i just don't know what the best size would be.

All help is greatly appreciated.      


  • First resource for you, which talks about appropriate resistors for various power supplies and LED colors:

    You should also be aware that the candle flicker LEDs cannot be used in series with each other, which we discuss here:
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    I think the wiring as you're asking is quite simple and you can do that yourself by just looking what a series combination is. my concern however is that you're going to powering up these LEDs using higher voltage which will blow them out. If you power them up using 9V or higher, you'll see a bright flash and the LED will be dead. Please know that you can only power them according to their specified voltages as written in their datasheet.

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