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Powering Meggy Jr with USB

edited May 2015 in LED Matrix Kits
Hi everyone. I really want to make a USB powered meggy jr instead of a battery powered one, but I just read that the meggy jr's peak power would prevent it from being a "good usb powered device" unless I "did some hacking". I've had a look around on the internet to see how I would go about doing that but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?



  • Quite a few people have just gone ahead and wired it up for USB power. The theoretical issue is that the Meggy Jr can draw more power than the port is rated for, with the theoretical consequence that it could destroy the USB port on the computer. However, most USB ports are power limited, and we've never heard of any actual ill effects from doing this. On the other hand, we can't guarantee that it's safe in all situations.
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