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avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding problem with Meggy Jr

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Hi, I've finally put together my Meggy Jr, installed all the drivers so that the computer recognises the device in both my Mac (Yosemite) and my PCs (Windows 8 and Windows 7) and selected all the correct Board, Processor and Port settings. But I'm still getting the dreaded error messages. What could be going wrong? I have no other applications using the ports and I definitely have the device plugged in and switched on. I've installed the ATMega328 with the correct orientation in the board and have rechecked all my soldering. The Meggy Jr programming guide suggests that If i'm using windows I should "Set RTS on close" but I don't seem to have that option on my computer (refer to this question I posted on another site)

I've looked at all the ways to trouble shoot this problem but I still can't figure out what's going on. The programming and assembly guide for Meggy Jr mentions none of this. Does anyone have an idea of how to go about solving this?

- Roxanne


  • Is the Meggy Jr working correctly otherwise? You note that the chip is in the correct orientation -- if that's a concern here, then it seems like you may not yet be up and running otherwise.

    And, exactly which programming interface are you using?
  • I'm using the latest Arduino interface. I've tested the Meggy Jr's power with a multimeter and the current is going through and the reset button seems to prompt more avrdude: stk500_getsync() messages when I press it. I mentioned the chip's orientation because that seems to be one of the first things to look at while trouble shooting. 
  • *Ignoring* programming, can you please say whether the Meggy Jr is working correctly? Does it power up, and make light and sound?

    Second, can you please say exactly what programming interface you are using? Is it the Adafruit FTDIfriend? Is it an FTDI cable? Something else entirely?
  • I haven't installed any of the option LEDs or the buzzer but the LED doesn't make any light and sound. 

    I'm new at this so I wasn't sure about what you meant about the programming interface. I'm using this cable
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    Once the kit is put together and powered on -- assuming that you've finished assembly -- there is a built-in (preprogrammed) game there, with lights and sound. You should definitely try and get to the point of having that working, so that you know that the hardware is put together correctly, *before* trying to program it... and it sounds like you need to stop there, and double-check everything.  If you did accidentally succeed and put some other program on it already, that could potentially make it much harder to troubleshoot any hardware issues.

    With the buzzer not installed, you obviously won't get any sound. By "option LEDs", I assume you mean the row at the top.

    I've never seen that programming cable before. I'm not sure what chip it has inside; it *may* require a driver to work properly. Also, you should check its pinout against a standard USB-TTL cable for comparison-- there is no "green" and "black" end, so you'll need to make sure that you've got the cable correctly oriented (and that the wires match up to what the normal order is).
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    Ah-- didn't read closely enough. That cable uses the PL-2303HXD IC -- Windows can auto-download the driver for it. 
  • So the cable I have should work and I should check the assembly of the board again? I'm pretty sure i've soldered everything correctly in regards to capacitors and chips. If in the case I have assembled everything correctly, what is the next step to look at from there?
  • Since the full kit was sold out I did have to order parts individually, the bits that Evil Mad Scientist doesn't sell individually had to be ordered from other sites. I got the LED matrix panel from here That's the only component that I think would make any difference
  • So, did you build this from scratch, starting with the Meggy Jr RGB PCB?  If so, make sure that you're using a preprogrammed "Arduino" ATmega328 (such as the preprogrammed ones from our shop), not a "bare" ATmega328 from the manufacturer. 

    In any case, that LED matrix has different internal wiring than the Betlux matrix-- it's sort of wired "inside out" compared to the other. If you look at the datasheets for the two matrices, you should be able to map how you'll have to route the wiring to the matrix in order to get the display to work.

    As for the cable, it's very important to check the wiring order as I indicated, but you should also leave this for a secondary task *after* you get everything else up, running, and verified. 
  • Yes I started with the PCB and am using the preprogrammed ATmega328. I'm really a newbie at all of this so I have no idea how to reroute the wiring for the matrix :(
  • As a starting point, download the datasheets for both matrices, and compare which pin does what on each matrix.
  • How would I reroute the wiring for the matrix? Will it involve pulling out all my soldered capacitors,resistors and other parts?
  • You likely wouldn't change anything on the circuit board-- just add wires between the circuit board and the matrix.
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