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Bulbdial Second Hand not Ticking Correctly?

edited June 2015 in Clock Kits
When I set my Bulbdial to display the time or to alignment mode, the blue second hand moves (every two seconds) every 5 LEDs instead of 1 LED. For example, D45 would light up, then two seconds later, D46 would light up. I have seen videos on the EMSL Shop that show the second hand ticking every light, in which, for example, D45 would light up, then D65 would light up. Is this how my Bulbdial is supposed to work, and if it isn't, what could I do to fix it? I have checked my soldering joints and that I have attached all components.

Thanks in advance!


  • No, this does not sound correct. Every LED should light up in alignment mode. If it does not, you should not go on to the next step of assembly until that issue is corrected. Can you please list exactly which LEDs are lighting? I may be able to help you narrow down what might be causing this. 
  • They aren't all lighting at once. When the time is showing, the LEDs skip for each second, instead of going to the next LED, it goes to the one 5 ahead. This is true for all of the LEDs in the blue ring, which leads me to think that it is not a soldering issue, unless I forgot to solder a component...
  • If it is going five ahead each time, then only six of the 30 are lighting up. Which six? Knowing which ones can help us diagnose the problem. 
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