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Question about part 13 in peggy 2 (jumpers & optional "serial hack")

edited June 2015 in General
i'm building my Peggy 2 kit for a project.
i want Peggy to work with external code written in Arduino language (in processing) - Using the FTDIfriend.
now i got to the point that i need to put part #13, jumpers, and there are two options: jp3/jp4 or jp1/jp2.
for my use of peggy, which place is the right place to put it?
waiting for your answer,


  • Either option will work fine with the FTDI Friend and Arduino for programming. The tradeoffs are described on page 12 of the instructions. If you need to be able to communicate between your computer and the Peggy 2 via the serial port (other than for programming), then you should use the SER option, JP1/JP2.
  • thank you :) תודה רבה
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