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a really big deluxe menorah

edited June 2015 in General
i would like to build a much larger menorah for a public place, and i would like to make it brighter than just one jumbo 10mm led per "candle" (either several of them, or a whole xmas led light string), which requires (i think) some hacking of the kit.  i want to start with the deluxe menorah kit, because it provides the basic functionality, and then build from it.

can anyone suggest good ways to do this (such as output driver circuits, wires and connectors to extend each "candle", and general weather-proofing)?



  • For an outdoor display, you'll probably want at least 1 W of LED per "candle".  You could potentially use the menorah circuit board, with each LED output going to instead drive a transistor that controls that LED. For housings, you might start with existing outdoor housings for LEDs or other types of lighting. 
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