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Tennis for Two speed

This discussion was created from comments split from: about Tennis For Two on scope.


  • Hello,

    Excuse me if my english is not very good.  :-)

    I programmed an ATMEGA168 with Tennis for Two program.
    it works well, but it seems to me that the speed of the ball is slower.

    What is the setting in the program to be changed to accelerate the movement?

    thank you
  • I've split off this discussion since it was not relevant to the one that it was attached to.

    Try adjusting the speed of the clock to 8 MHz. The original makefile for the project uses a  "-U lfuse:w:0xE2:m" argument, which sets the internal clock to 8 MHz.  You do not need an external crystal. 
  • I checked and the value of lfuse was 62 (with division of the clock by 8).So I changed the value to E2, it works faster, but the disadvantage is that the signal on the scope is totally unstable.Maybe the reason provide by the beadboard is not good for the hight speed circuits ?

    It is better to solder the components on a real IC.
    My error will be verified that the installation works ! (slowly, but with stability :-)

    Thank-you for this good and funny job !

  • edited July 2015
    Yes; solder your components. :) 

    You may want to read this great old article by Bob Pease, What's All This "SMWISICDSI" Stuff, Anyhow?, that speaks to the question.
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