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Art Controller Timing Question

edited August 2015 in Product Support
I have purchased and assembled two Art Controller kits.  Is there anyway to control the duration of the power to the relay coil independently of the delay delay time set with the DIP switches?  For example with repeat jumper in place and timer DIPs set to 3 sec.:
1) input trig received.
2) coil powered for 3 sec.
3) Coil powered off for 3 sec.
4) shampoo, rinse.
It is step # 2 or 3 that I would like to modify the duration.


  • The only straightforward way to modify the duration is to use the DIP switches-- that is what they are there for.  If you need two different delay times, you will likely need to either 

     (1) reprogram the microcontroller to add an additional, fixed delay time, 
     (2) use a second Art controller, with its DIP switches configured to give the other delay time, or 
     (3) provide an external signal or delay that halts or triggers the Art Controller at the appropriate times.

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