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eggbot contributed and layers

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This is my problem. I open a photo with Inkscape. I vectorize it with grayscales (4 colours) and open "post process trace bitmap" and mark "remove original bitmap" and "fill region with colour". I go the layers but, when I move the layers on paper, with the sama coordenates, they don´t put on the same place. Which is the problem?

Thank in advance

Please, forgive my English

I´ve image but I can


  • Are you using this with the watercolorbot, or some other machine? The EggBot doesn't normally draw on paper.
  • I haven an eggbot. The problem is with Inkscape (I think)
  • I'm afraid that I do not understand the problem. Can you please try again to explain what is going wrong? 
  • I try to expalin better. I vectorize a photo in grayscales (4). Then I got 4 layers. I want to move them and put them in the same place: x=0, y=20 w=500 h=350 (for instance). But the layers are not stacking and, when I print in my egg, the colours move out.

    I can´t expain it better (sorry), I speak Spanish, not English. If I knew how to put here a photo...
  • Why are you moving the layers?
  • I am moving the layers because I have to stretch the photo and put the layers in the correct place into the paper. Another question, how can I say to the pen that star the print of the layers in the same point?

    Thank you
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    To move all of the layers at once, first use the command 

    Edit > Select All in All Layers

    That will allow you to move all of the layers at the same time. While they are selected, you can also use the command 

    Object > Transform...

    in order to stretch all of the layers at once.  However, it may be better to first stretch and position the photo BEFORE tracing it, so that you do not need to move the layers separately.

    >Another question, how can I say to the pen that star the print of the layers in the same point?

    I'm afraid that I do not understand what the question is. Can you please rephrase?

  • Thank you for your patience and your answers.

    I´ve solved the problem with the pen. I made a point drawing of a face. When I print the egg the eyes are white althoug in Inkscape I see them in black. Which is the problem?
  • I am not sure that I understand your question. Perhaps it is the case that you have a filled area, but Inkscape is only drawing the borders?
  • No. The problem is that I made the drawing with a photo with stiplegen2 and export it to Inkscape. I see in Inkscape the eyes black but when I print the eyes are white (with less concentration of points, so they looks white)

    On the other hand, I open a photo of a face with Inkscape and vectorice in gray scale. In eggbot contributed I make the layers. I want to fill the regions and use the "hatch fill" but some lines fall outside the region and I can,t delete. When I use the rubber all the image disappears!

    Thank you again

  • Can you please post a photograph of what is happening with stipplegen? 

    When you are working on the separated image layers, try working on one layer at a time, and hiding all of the others. 

  • I´m so sorry. I don´t know how to post a photo because when I try to insert it say "insert URL"image

  • I have the photo in my PC
  • When I use the "hatch fill" I work only with one layer, and the others are hiding (with the eye closed) but the lines continue to apear in the wrong place.
  • For a photo, you will need to post it online and put the URL here. I suggest using

    Hatch Fill has difficulty with sharp inside corners. Try adjusting changing the spacing, try changing the Tolerance value, and try changing the minimum gap length. 

  • And this is the problem with hatch fill. I can´t delete the line that appears in the middle of her face

  • For the StippleGen: Can you please show what the SVG file looks like in Inkscape, before you print it?  

    The usual process is to 
    1.  "Save Stipple File (SVG format)"
    2. Open that file in Inkscape
    3. Move the image (optional)
    4. Print onto the object

    Are you doing _anything else_ to the SVG file, that would cause it to do something different?

  • For the hatch fill, you can delete the extra lines. 

    1. Edit > Select all
    2. Object > Ungroup
    3. Path > Break apart
    4. Click on the individual lines that you want to remove, and delete them.

    You will also likely be able to find some combination of the input parameters that will avoid creating the extra lines.
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    About StippleGen I´m going to print somethin more..I´m not sure that I´m following the steps that you say. I´ll tell spu the final result.

    I´m going to try your recomenddation about the hatch fill.

    Thank you for all.
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