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Bristlebots motor question

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I am going to order the 6mm vibrating motors from your store for a class Bristlebot project.  What size batteries do they use? I don't know the difference between the Nominal voltage: 3 V and the Operating Voltage: 2.0 - 4.0 V.  Also the 12000 RPM is a lot higher than other motors I've seen.  Are they appropriate for a toothbrush head bristelbot?


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    We prefer the Pager Motors for Bristlebots, as they draw a little less current than the 6 mm ones. However, either will work. The larger ones will wear down the battery sooner. We like to use CR2032 coin cells as they are commonly available, inexpensive, and 3 V. Operating voltage means that is the range they can work within, where 3 V is the voltage they are designed to be used at.
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