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Help With Graphic Please

edited September 2015 in Egg-Bot
I can see by the threads in this forum that most Eggbot users are extremely proficient and knowledgeable.  I am neither, and I'm guessing that my question will cause a few chuckles or eye-rolls of disdain.

I have an Eggbot Pro which I have enjoyed using with others' creations.  But what I'd like to do is use it to make personalized hollowed-egg Christmas ornaments for a non-profit cancer support community where I used to work (Gilda's Club of Louisville specifically).  I have no idea how to go about converting their 2-color logo(s) into Eggbot-compatible drawings which include solid fills.  I have read some of the tutorials on doing that, but honestly I believe it's beyond this feeble mind to grasp without putting many hours into learning.  So, my question is, are there any forum members who know if there are people who are willing to take a graphic and convert it into an Eggbot-ready file?  I am willing to pay a modest amount, if necessary.


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