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eggbot spasms

edited December 2015 in Egg-Bot
Hi all,
Spent several pleasant hours putting eggbot together. Wiring looks correct... however when I try print something "motor 1" start to jerk.
I've tried going to Manual -> "walk motor 2", still nothing happens and "motor 1" starts to jerk.

Eggbot version: The original Egg-bot kit - Deluxe Edition
OS: Win7 64bit
Soft: latest Inkscape with EggBot_250A.exe

appreciate the help,


  • Hi Art,
    First, check that the stepper motor wires are securely held in the screw terminals by giving them a gentle tug to see if they might come loose. 

    Did you go through the Making your first plot section of the documentation? It sounds likely that you need to adjust your current, and the procedure is on that page. 
  • thank you so much!
    It was current.Having done so many steps and being so excited to try it I've missed that section.

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