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Need help with software

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I just recd my eggbot delux. trying to download software, but having problems. Inkscape .91 is on my computer and working. I downloaded the software as the instructions said, but I get an error when trying to open in Inkscape, can someone walk me through this.
T hx,


  • Can you please say what operating system and version you are using?
    And, can you please say what error you are getting?
  • Windell. My problem was, I did not have the Eggbot connected to the computer. All loaded now. But, I tried to run a sample and no matter how much I adjust the pen, there are lines connecting the letters?
  • Great-- always wonderful when a solution is straightforward. :)

    On the pen issue: 
    The first question is, "Is the pen lift motor working?"  That is to say, when you toggle the pen position up and down in the Setup tab, does the pen lift motor move?

    Assuming that it does, you then need to adjust the two percentage values there, such that (1) the pen arm is roughly horizontal, or very slightly below, when "down" and (2) The pen arm is very slightly above horizontal when in the "up" position.  

    After that, put the EggBot in the "pen up" position, and insert the pen, so that it is just above -- not touching -- the egg (or other object that you are printing upon). You may need to adjust the vertical position of the upper pen arm in order to get it high or low enough for this.
  • GREAT, I will do that. OH, what does this mean:Warning: unable to draw <flowRoot> object, please convert it to a path first.
    Warning: unable to draw text; please convert it to a path first.  Consider using the Hershey Text extension which is located under the "Render" category of extensions.
  • The warning means that you need to convert the text in your drawing to a path before printing it to the EggBot. You can read more about how to make text on the EggBot here:

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