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Servo Problem

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Built my EggBot and after a small issue with the steppers (resolved) problems persist.
My servo's arrived today and I thought that I could be in for some EggBot Action.
I ordered two servo's to be on the safe side but the EBB board appears not to be seeing either. To be sure that I hadn't been sent dud servo's I checked them both on my friends RC plane and both of them responded well enough. When connected to the EBB board I get no action at all.
I believe that I have the connections the right way around.
servo no go.


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    For reference, the servo should be hooked up as follows:
    1. First orient the EBB so that you are looking at the side with the components.
    2. Rotate the board until the terminal block is to the left, and the USB and power are to the right.
    3. The servo motor connects to the lowest three pins on the left hand side, terminal B1.
    4. The ground wire of the servo motor should be towards the outside (left hand side) of the board. This is usually a brown or black wire.

    Now, an EBB does not "see" stepper motors. It can issue commands to them, but does not actually detect whether or not they are present. Can you please specify a more clearly what the problem is?

    - What power supply are you using?
    - Is the board working otherwise, for example with stepper motors?
    - After the servo motor is connected, is it energized?  That is, does it resist turning of its output shaft?
    - How are you trying to control it?

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