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Happiness is...a good default.svg

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Perhaps I just have not been poking around in the right places, so please forgive this post if everybody already knows the following.  8^)  Plus, you have to loosen up your inner geek a bit to do this, so don't mess around with it unless you feel comfortable with changing read-only permissions and suchlike.

I didn't realize until today that one could make one's own default.svg file under Inkscape and that from then on Inkscape would always open up with our ready-to-go 3200x800 blank image.  [Or even include a watermark or signature if you are feeling jaunty,]  I'm just going to describe what I had to do on my home system, but my system is Win 7, and I don't know how to translate this into *nix or Apple.

Your objective is to get an svg file named default.svg into the directory [...]Inkscape\share\templates

1.  Open up Inkscape
2.  Ctrl-shift D to open the Document Properties window.
3.  Change the properties to your desire, perhaps Units of px, Width 3200, Height 800.
4.  Save in [...]Inkscape\share\templates as default.svg  CLANK!  Can't save, it's write protected.
5.  OK, save it on the Desktop or somewhere, and close Inkscape.
6.  Use Windows Explorer to give permissions on the templates directory, then copy your lovely .svg to there from wherever you stashed it.  Now change permissions back, if you're worried about it.  I didn't change mine back, as I wanted less hassle for future possible changes.
7.  Start Inkscape back up - look, it's already 3200x800 - woohoo!!  


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