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Octolively - Need Help! Would like to change IR Sensor Code

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I'm using USBtinyISP with Octolively.  Currently the code for the IR Sensors are set for up to 10-15 centimeters.  I'd like the 4 Levels to be:

Level 1: 60cm
Level 2: 120cm
Level 3: 180cm
Level 4: 240cm

Where is the code that needs to be changed and what do I need to actually do to accomplish my goals on this??

Can someone please help???

I'm using a MacBook OS X, USBtinyISP, AvrDude 




  • There is not actually code that works that way.  There are four sensitivity settings-- and you are welcome to play with those exact thresholds in the code --but the sensors are not true distance sensors. Rather, they are designed to detect nearby motion. 

    In a little more detail: Octolively modules can be used with both active and passive infrared sensing. For the active sensing, where light from the emitters is bounced off of (for instance) your hand and reflected back to the sensors, the range is typically up to 15 cm. If you have strong directional lighting, such as sunlight or an incandescent spotlight, shadows cast on (or moved away from) the sensors will trigger the response. This means that at night, they will have a fairly short range of interactivity, unless you provide an infrared source such as a security spotlight.  It also means that an installation can be designed that has range of several meters if you wish.
  • Thanks for the response. It sounds like it's the sensitivity I need to change/work with I guess.

    Can anyone tell me where this would be located and what I would need to do??? I don't have experience with this but would love to be able to know where to go and what to do specifically so I can start working with making changes in the right area.


  • If you're asking about the source code, search for the word "sensitivity" to see where that value is used.

    If you're asking about how to design your installation to give it greater range, try experimenting with things like a halogen lamp, or an infrared illuminator (the kind sold to go with security cameras) and so forth.
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