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Eggbot Gallery?

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Is there any online forum/blog/group where people can post pictures of their EggBot works-of-art?  I think it could be inspiring to see what others are doing with EggBot, and would enjoy showing my creations.

I know one can search e.g. flickr or thingiverse, but I meant more like one dedicated place.



  • We tend to point people to Thingiverse (with an EggBot tag), and to our community flickr group ( )  but these tend to be underused. I'm afraid that I don't have a better recommendation at present. Do you have a suggestion? :)
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    How about if you made a "Gallery" category here in your forums - and place it high up in the Categories list.  That could also have a plus side to it, in that you might see a little additional traffic to your site?  Plus, it seems a kind of logical place to look for such a gallery.  Plus it would add a generally smiley side to a forum which largely consists of problems.  That said, I am very impressed by your quick, knowledgeable, caring responses to all help-seekers.

    Thingiverse does have a lot of images, but there's no one URL I can just bookmark to see what's new - and no inline place for people to comment.

    There's always facebook, of course - I see the Eggers Egg-Bot group is there, and it certainly seems to be underused, but then again it seems to be mostly for people who do major fancy egg decorating - rather than the kind of quixotic adventurers who may(?) be a good part of your constituency.
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