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AxiDraw Software

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Hey guys, I'm getting ready to order my AxiDraw, I am so excited. I have downloaded Inkscape and wanted to play with it a bit so I can hit the ground running. I have a couple questions.

1) Where do I get the Axidraw extension for Inkscape? (is it just the driver hosted on Github or is there something more?)

2) Is it just an SVG file I want to make? I am pretty proficient in Illustrator. Could I make the SVG and import into Inkscape for use with the AxiDraw?

if these are already answered please provide me a link! 

Thank very much.


  • We're still getting all of the last details completed in terms of installers and docs. 

    - There will be an installer for the Inkscape extension, along with documentation. If you know how to manage a manual install, you're welcome to get a head start. ;)

    - Yes, you want an SVG file that consists only of paths. You can definitely create that in Illustrator.  I would recommend starting (always!) with the Letter or A4 templates in Inkscape, and importing your work onto those templates.

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