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Installing the 'new' Hatch Fill?

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Hi there, I saw that there was a major revision for the Hatch Fill extension. I'm trying to install it but it won't work.
Using Inkscpe 0.91 and this is the error that I get back:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1719, in <module>
  File "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\", line 268, in affect
  File "", line 1138, in effect
  File "", line 668, in handleViewBox
    if self.getDocProps():
  File "", line 654, in getDocProps
    self.docHeight = plot_utils.getLength( self, 'height', N_PAGE_HEIGHT )
  File "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\", line 76, in getLength
    str = altself.svg.get( name )
AttributeError: Eggbot_Hatch instance has no attribute 'svg'

Can someone translate this into human language and tell me what I do wrong?



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    I'm not sure that I've seen that error before. I think that you may not have the right version of My version (v 0.4) does not have getLegnth on line 76.
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    Looked into my version (which is in the zip file 'eggbot2.7.1_win ), opened with wordpad and found this: # Version 0.1, Dated January 8, 2016.

    I solved it with the correct version found here:

    No errors anymore...and just did my first Hatch Fill.....WOW what a nice job you guys did!
  • Great-- glad that's working for you. It really is a world of difference, isn't it? :D
  • It sure is , makes live a lot easier! This is a huge improvement for the eggbot.
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