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Copyright question re:reworked fonts



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    Your web link - Wow, nice resource.

    [ EDIT: Yikes!  I just noticed that my copy of hershey.inx differs from the version in github, in places where I made no changes.  I have no idea where the changes came from, and I'm assuming but not knowing that I started from the hershey.inx that installed with eggbot.  Yipers! ]

    You are ever-so-correct about the name collisions - I've given up - every name in this corner of the galaxy is already in use - and am avoiding the name duplication by considering "EMS " prefix as part of the name.  See files in dropbox: EMS
  • Ah; about those name collisions-- I meant that the new names ("bird," "capitol," "delight") were likely to have collisions, rather than the prefixes. Anyway, let's run with it. I have some new ideas for other enhancements to Hershey Text as well. :)
  • I understood what you meant, and what I meant was that it seems virtually impossible to generate any new names without resorting to a random word generator.  Perhaps I'm overstating the case.  If you think it's important I'll generate some kind of unique names, just give the word.

    Important - see my edit to my previous post, regarding hershey.inx.
  • I've started a new branch at GitHub to track this, with your current version as the starting point:

    The differences between your .inx file and the one from GitHub are actually those added by the Inkscape developers when they added it to the codebase.
  • Oooh, will I have to wait a long time to hear about your Hershey Text enhancements???  8^)
  • This may be different enough that it belongs in a separate extension, but I'm thinking about replacing a block of text with stroke-based text.  This becomes much more appealing with the additional fonts that you have added.
  • Whoa!  That would definitely be a neat trick indeed!  8^)
  • I've made some first-round revisions to that branch-- chiefly adding some detailed credits for each of the fonts, re-arranging the list slightly, tweaking the display of the font table, and revising the text and formatting of the extension. Please take a look!
  • Lovely - what a professional job you do!!
  • Thanks! One more round of minor updates pushed, just now.  

    Also, while pondering that new Hershey Text extension, I'm thinking about moving Hershey Text development out of the EggBot repository ( and into the "plotink" repository (, which is our generalized set of plotter helper routines. 
  • I've made a few more changes for clarity and better centering, and merged it into the main branch. *Thank you* for all your hard work on this! I suppose that making a font editor is another good topic for the future. :)
  • I've added three more useful (to me, anyway) fonts: EMS Decorous Script, EMS Readability, and EMS Readability Italic.  I've followed your lead in the crediting information.

    The dropbox link is for and hershey.inx, based on the current github versions.  I've also taken the liberty of adding a version number to each, anticipating that as time goes on other fonts may be added.

    Also, a "heads-up":  I'll soon be sending a revised version of spiral-text which allows for selection from the new variety of fonts.  Name-poem probably wants to be addressed as well.

  • Thanks! These look like great improvements, and I've added them to the repository already.  I'm a fan of Source Sans Pro, so it's especially nice to have that one on the list. :)
  • I noticed that EMS Readability has duplicate data in the capital "E", making it print twice. Do you have any straightforward means of detecting duplicate paths like this? I only happened to notice while doing some plots!
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    Egad!!  No, I don't have any straightforward means of detecting duplicate paths.  I'll have to ponder how it occured, with an eye to seeing if I need to build in a safeguard of some sort.

    Glad you found it, sorry it happened.  8^) At the least, I will manually look for more in the .svg files which define the characters.

    The error is in the .svg file for that face, rather than in the Visual Basic transform-to-Hershey program.  This most likely means it was a human error (mine), and therefore is hopefully not likely to be endemic.

    I've remedied the error, but have to dash out the door this second, so won't get it into dropbox for about another ten hours.
  • I've already corrected it in both the regular and italic versions. No worries; just wondering if you had any clever tricks for spotting these. Food for thought!
  • Must have been rather a pain locating the exact data points to be removed!!
  • After reading Lenore's blog post about the nixie-based font, I went looking for something similar with open font license.  No joy, unfortunately.

    I did, however, find an OFL font that perhaps fills a different vacancy in the growing Hershey fonts constellation.  It looks rather like Courier, though it is said to be influenced by neon tube design (I must confess I don't see any neon influence, however.)  It's at

    I've added this derivative as EMS Nixish and EMS Nixish Italic.  And documented both in the now-canonical style.  And here it is in dropbox as version 2.0.2:

  • Awesome! I agree that I don't see much neon influence here, but I'm definitely happy to have it added to the set. And, I see that you've got the updated version of Readability in there, too. :)  I'll push it to the repository shortly.
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