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bulbdial half-hours leds

edited May 2016 in Clock Kits
I build the color bulbdial some weeks ago and everything is fine. Very nice.
Looking at hours hand (red leds) it advances at minute 0 (or 60) so during the second half hours the hour shadow is somewhat "later" than a real analog clock. As the clock (digital) shows analog shadows, a mid-hours 12 more red leds, using spare lines would be nice.
I supposed this improvement would be already asked and done; I found a 2011 post title in the old-forum: "half-hours on red ring completed"
in this page:
but the content is no more available.

Can anybody recover the old content ?
Thanks Andrea

I used pins 6, 7, 8, and 9 to drive t..." style="text-decoration: none;">

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