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Kickstarter campaign for my project is alive now!

Hi everyone,

We start a project which is a SDK for ESP32 (as well as ESP8266), the most integrated solution for Wi-Fi+Bluetooth applications in the industry. The existing product such as NodeMCU cannot run on ESP32 now, so we try to improve ESP32_RTOS_SDK, port Lua for it, and also integrate the Lua modules for it. What's more, the improved SDK is compatible with ESP8266, it can run on ESP8266. We start a new project for the improved SDK, named Luanode. We will provide ESP32 development kit for the project, and come along with funny applications.

Few days ago, we started a Kickstarter campaign for the project:

Source code of the project was published on Github:

Hope you'll like this project, and back for it. The project is ongoing, we will keep updating it, and the estimated finish time will be at the end of May 2016. We are very appreciated for your support. If you have any question, feel free to contact us. Thanks :)


  • If you back for our project, we'll be very appreciated. Thanks again for paying attention to our project!
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