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Help! Alpha Clock Five White Edition LEDs Ghosting

My alpha clock five white edition's seconds spinner recently started faintly showing on the other segment displays. Help???

Also, the clock keeps losing seconds, making the time less accurate.


  • I have not seen that kind of ghosting before. That sounds like there's a significant problem. Is this a relatively new clock, or has it been around for a while?  It is potentially possible that some kind of gradual LED failure could lead to this... maybe try swapping the LED digits around to see if that changes anything?  A poor connection to the drive transistor or LED driver chips could potentially cause a problem like this. 

    For the losing seconds problem, are you using the Chronodot? If so, you should still expect a time drift of around two minutes per year, or about 10 seconds per month. If you're seeing significantly more than that, your Chronodot may not be working (or connected) correctly.  A first test is to reset the power, and see if it "remembers" the time.
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