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Axidraw - first impressions

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Has anyone taken delivery of the Axidraw yet?  What's your first impressions?  Any hint and tips? My shipping date is mid June.


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    Well I had mine delivered yesterday - thanks Lenore. Been optimising it as best I can. Overall I'm happy with it.

    One question. I use thick paint pens for artwork, how do I lift the pen at the end of a line to prevent it from 'pooling'? Be nice if the pen could lift whilst still in the action of drawing.

    I also get a bit of juddering, especially at the far reaches of the axis. Sounds like the pen is dragging - not a nice sound from the machine! This was mentioned in the guide. Any tips to lessen this? Settings and/or vibration reduction?

    Appreciate your thoughts.
  • Do you mean that the servo motor is not lifting the pen slide? You can use the toggle up/down commands to test this. If the servo is not moving, check the connection of the black-red-white cable to the controller board to see if it is securely attached to the bottom set of pins. If the servo arm is moving, but the pen slide is not moving freely, it would be helpful to know that.
  • The servo is working fine Lenore although I did initially have to tighten two screws near it as the mount was wobbling about.

    What I meant was, for example, if I was to draw a straight line left to right then at the end of the line on the right the pen lifts fractionally too slowly causing slight pooling of the ink. Now if the pen lifted up quicker or even just before the line had finished that would be a great help to me?

    The juddering is a separate issue really which is virtually resolved by plotting at 15-20 speed.
  • You may want to check the settings in the timing tab.
  • Any pointers as to what to set it too?

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