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Place to show off your eggbot art

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I couldn't find a place to show off my eggbot artistic attempts, and thought maybe other people would like to show off theirs, so I made a Facebook group called EggBot Art Gallery at

Would love to see what you're doing with your EggBot - come on over, it's intended to be a friendly place.  And right now I'm the only group member, so I sure could use some more e-company!  8^)


  • Anyone?
  • I'm not very active on facebook, but I understand that there is at least one other eggbot-oriented egg art group there. :)
  • The only other one I found is Eggers Egg-Bot Group, and I joined it some time ago.  Turns out it's really more about decorating ostrich eggs with rhinestones and lace and such.  Do you know of a different one?
  • No, that's the one. I'm afraid that the set of people who want to share EggBot artwork and wish to do so on facebook may not be large enough for a whole lot of groups.
  • Shel - I visited the FB group that you created. Waiting for you to approve me. My EB is scheduled to be here tomorrow.
    Looking forward to contributing to the page.
  • Oh, I guess I've been lax - sorry!  Welcome to the group, I know you'll have fun with your eggbot!  Which model is it?
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    Thanks for the quick reply. After much research I selected a Pro. The Thanksgiving discount played a big role in that decision as well . I have much to learn as I am not experienced in SVG files. I opened a PNG file in Inkscape and saved it as a SVG file, it appears to have worked. And I really don't understand layers yet. I get the concept, but the practical application was stumping me last night.
    I also have more of an interest in spherical items as opposed to eggs. I'm going to start at Hobby Lobby and look for some plain ornaments. I purchased two packs of Sharpie Precision pens that appear to have the shape and size that will fit the penholder, we'll see.
    I downloaded the Github repository to get the example files which seem to be quite good. Searching for artwork and advice (how-to & artwork) on ornaments or spherical items has been less successful than I would've thought.
  • > Searching for artwork and advice (how-to & artwork) on ornaments or spherical items has been less successful than I would've > thought. 

    Search for "eggbot" in their search tool.  It'll turn up a variety of related "things", many of which will include SVG artwork.  I know that in many of mine out there, I tried to include some very basic instructions relevant to the thing itself (e.g.,
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