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Curve Smoothing

edited July 2016 in AxiDraw
Is there a way to reduce the size of the straight line segments that make up curves?  Especially curved swooping fonts look jagged. I have reduced the settings in 

AxiDraw Control > Options > Curve smoothing       with no discernable effect. 


  • Lowering the curve smoothing value, as you have done, will cause smooth curves to appear as sets of straight segments. Choose a value of 10 or higher.  Also, make sure that your resolution is set to "Super", and possibly try reducing the cornering speed factor-- it causes the machine to "whip" around corners, leading to less smooth curves.
  • I notice Br Saul specifically mentions fonts.  Could it be that it's the quantized nature of hershey fonts that's the cause of the visibly-straight line segments, rather than curve smoothing?
  • Thank you.

     Curve Smoothing = 20 and corner rounding = 2 gave the results I was looking for.  I will experiment with the pen speed for acceptable quality vs plot time.

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