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Need help with my mad 17 segment LED project

edited August 2016 in Clock Kits
So I bought your 17 segment LED displays

I am trying to combine this with some PCBs from adafruit

In addition to some other stuff like battery power.

So, do you know of any code that would allow me to change segments on the LED display using the above boards?



  • Our go-to example for driving these displays is the Alpha Clock Five. There is example Arduino code there which you may be able to use as a basis for other projects. You can also look at the hardware documentation to see how we drive the different length segments and decimal point.

    Adafruit likely has example code for the various components that you linked to-- their learning system has lots of resources. 
  • So it's a $145? That's a little pricey for me and I need it work with their RF chips, which i don't think is possible, I just discovered that the adafruit feather only works up to 16 segments. :( 
  • As an open source hardware project, you can learn from it and borrow code from it without purchasing it. 

    Regarding the number of segments, the 17th segment is actually the decimal point, which means ours technically have 18 with dual decimal points. 17 segment is the usual name used for this kind of display. 
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