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The Compiler can not find the Peggy2.h file

The project is a Peggy2 programmed via USB from a PC, by a Unix/Linux programmer.

The files are located:  ~/Desktop/CUT/Dispatch_Board/Arduino-1.0.1/libraries/Peggy2/Peggy2

The Peggy2.h and the .cpp files are contained therein.

When I compile the source code I get the Peggy2.h file not found in the verbose output.
This is followed by "'Peggy2' does not name a type"

I understand the #include function in a compiler, but the filepath is a bit of a mystery.



  • It looks like you've got an extra Peggy2 folder inside your Peggy2 folder.  Put the files directly inside the libraries/Peggy2 folder.  

    Please let me know if this helps.
  • Yep.

    Did the trick.
    The compiler ran successfully.

    Many Thanks.
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